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CBELLLOVE is the first livejournal community 100% dedicated to Catherine Bell. Catherine has starred in various shows and movies, but is best known for her role as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah 'Mac' Mackenzie in JAG; a role that lasted nine years - from the second season (1997) until the end of the tenth (2005). Currently, Catherine is starring in Lifetime's primetime drama series Army Wives which begun it's second season in June 2008.

RULES for this community are pretty relaxed: all we ask is that you are polite and courteous to other members and keep any personal vendettas to yourselves. Everyone is welcome here, as long as you can respect the opinions of others. All posts are welcome, too: icons, information etc - as long as it's Catherine-related! The line is drawn at fanfiction, though: jagfic is the place for JAG fanfiction, and I'm sure if you wanted to write Catherine-fiction, there are communities for that, too. Finally: please tag your entries after posting!

FALLAPARTAGAIN is your friendly neighbourhood moderator. She is slightly insane and just a little mad, but willing to answer any questions you may have.

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